Our Story

CBMcosmetics was created by myself [Connor] I am a young British entrepreneur that suffered from acne since I was 12 I tried hundreds of products from cheap skincare to luxury skincare products and nothing worked so when I turned 16 I decided to stop sitting about and to make my own I researched and designed my products and brand and eventually cleared my skin using my 6 step process.

Acne is one of the worst experiences someone can have, imagine getting a spot on your nose before an important event and times that by 50 that is like having acne, i remember the depression and late nights crying I remember the number of days I decided to not go to school or out with friends because I was so upset and had negative and dangerous thoughts, Acne is one of the darkest mental health issues the majority of people will suffer from and we need to be there to support anyone who may suffer from acne but feel uncomfortable showing how they truly feel. 

I had really sensitive skin because of my acne this meant I couldn't use certain products so I reverted to clean beauty. 

-Connor xox