Key information on Anxiety

How your skin affects your Anxiety?

Many people who suffer from a skin condition such as acne tend to have or develop anxiety this is why we are providing general information so yourself or a friend can recognise when a close one is struggling.


What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is several symptoms that cause a feeling of unease, everyone suffers from Anxiety at some point in their life possibly at a stressful or emotional moment from a Interview, death, first date its different for everyone but the signs are similar.

We all must remember that anxiety is a normal experience however in some cases someone's anxiety can be severe and cause other conditions and symptoms such as below,

-Panic Disorders



-Social Phobia

-Heart Palpitations


-Stomach Cramps

-Excessive Sweating 


Treatments range from wellness books, therapy, apps, medication, courses and other.

We would recommend wellness books, apps and forms of therapy.


Symptoms of Anxiety?

-Anger: Getting angry over little things from being more frustrated & stressed.

-Lack of Focus: Not being able to focus on simple tasks and always being on edge and worrying. (This could be in school, work and from issues at home or with family/ friends)

-Negativity: Negative thoughts about themselves and situations from the past and present.

-Over Planning: Planning everything the have control over to try and worry & stress less.

-On Edge: Always worried about something happening. (This could be on the bus and most likely you would be fidgety)

-Sleep Issues: Struggling to get to sleep or wake up from lack of sleep due to anxiety or other issues or lack of motivation to get out of bed.

-Self Doubt: Not believing you can do something because people around you tell you your not good enough. (This could be a passion you have or even your education)

-Agitated: Feeling agitated and unsettled. (You could have no energy or allot of energy, you could have little patience and always be on edge)

-Excessive Worrying: Always being worried about something possibly a health concern, work, death or your future. (This can happen if you have alot of uncertainty in your life)

-Depressed: Feeling unhappy and low for weeks - months and having little to no pleasure in things. 

-Overwhelmed: This is when you feel Intense emotions that cause you to struggle daily and is normally from stress, relationship Issues, trauma and so much more.

-Intrusive Thoughts: Unwanted thoughts of scenarios that have already happened or future scenarios. (Out of the normal violent thoughts)

-Irrational Fears: The fear of something that is out of the norm or unlikely to happen. (This could be avoiding an object or situation)

-Butter Flies: Similar to being on edge you would be uncomfortable and worried about something and your gut reacts due to bacteria that reacts from your stress. (You may have felt this before going in front of a group or before speaking to someone you like or dont know)