Comedogenic VS Non Comedogenic Oils

What is Comedogenic & Non Comedogenic?

An ingredient that is classed as comedogenic has a high likely hood of clogging the skins pores and leading to acne, blackheads & breakouts VS non comedogenic ingredients that are unlikely going to clog the skins pores and cause acne, blackheads & breakouts.


Comedogenic ratings 0-5

  • A comedogenic rating of 0 is believed to be non comedogenic and wont clog your pores.
  • A comedogenic rating of 1 has a slight chance of clogging your pores.
  • A comedogenic rating of 2 has a low likely hood of clogging your pores.
  • A comedogenic rating of 3 will likely clog your pores depending on your skins type.
  • A comedogenic rating of 4 has a high chance of clogging your pores unless your skins built a tolerance.
  • A comedogenic rating of 5 has a very high chance of clogging your pores and in most cases is guaranteed to break you out.


Complete list of Comedogenic & Non Comedogenic Oils in alphabetical order

Avocado Oil - Comedogenic Rating 3

Avocado Oil is extremely hydrating and is suitable for drier skin types that are prone to acne but it may still clog your pores. Avocado Oil is a heavier oil and is best for use at night time it's not only extremely hydrating but is also great at repairing the skins barrier, reducing signs of ageing, reducing the appearance of pores and treating eczema & psoriasis.


Argan Oil - Non Comedogenic Rating 0 

Argan Oil is one of the best oils for your skin, suitable for all skin types with the ability to treat acne, acne scarring, smooth skins texture & regulate sebum production.


Apricot Kernel Oil - Comedogenic Rating 2

Apricot Kernel Oil is perfect for anyone with dry/ combination skin types. Not only is it anti bacterial its also anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing & an anti-oxidant making it the perfect ingredient for fighting acne & ageing. 


Andiroba Oil - Comedogenic Rating 2

Andiroba Oil is perfect for anyone with dry, irritated & acne prone skin because its rich in minerals & vitamins that promote skin cell growth, anti inflammatory & its ability to reduce fine lines and plump the skin.


Amla Oil (Gooseberry Oil) -  Comedogenic Rating 1

Amla Oil otherwise known as Gooseberry Oil is full of vitamin C & minerals and is perfect for not only treating the skin but also the scalp, Alma Oil can be used to prevent ageing, treat hyperpigmentation, brighten and reduce hair loss.


Amaranth Oil - Comedogenic Rating 2

Amaranth Oil is the perfect solution to slowing down ageing, it naturally includes squalene an ingredient our skin recognises and is known for being hydrating and plumping.


Aloe Oil - Non Comedogenic Rating 0

Aloe Oil is a holy grail ingredient it's suitable for all skin types and is amazing at healing damage, it repairs the skins devitalised cells, accelerates the healing of acne & scarring and wont clog your pores.


Acai Berry Oil (Palm Oil) - Comedogenic Rating 2

Acai Berry otherwise known as Palm Oil is a super moisturiser with it's high levels of Omega-3-6-9 it's perfect for dry and mature skin. Benefits include highly anti-inflammatory, calming & minimizes the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.


Abyssinian Oil (Crambe Oil) - Comedogenic Rating 1

Abyssinian Oil is a powerful Omega-9 and is known for it's emollient properties allowing it to help other ingredients such as essential oils or herbs absorb easier into the skin, Abyssinian Oil is hydrating, plumping & evens the skins texture and tone. Suitable for all skin types.


Buriti Fruit Oil - Comedogenic Rating 2

Buriti Fruit Oil is known for it's ability to rebuild the skins cells this is due to the rich fatty acids & carotenoids and its perfect for hydrating, nourishing, improving elasticity and reducing fine lines & wrinkles. Not recommended for oily skin.


Brazil Nut Oil - Comedogenic Rating 2

Similar to Jojoba Oil it easily absorbs into the skin its perfect for dry/ damaged skin and is excellent at treating hyperpigmentation, acne and dryness.


Borage Oil - Comedogenic Rating 2

Borage Oil is perfect for smoothing your complexion, nourishing and hydrating.


Blackberry Seed Oil - Non Comedogenic Rating 0

Full of fatty acids this oil is essential if you have oilier skin its perfect for reducing large pores, preventing ageing and preventing breakouts.


Blueberry Seed Oil - Non Comedogenic Rating 0

Blueberry Seed Oil is an essential oil for combating ageing it offers protection against free radicals, collagen degradation and its high in antioxidants.


Black Raspberry Seed Oil - Comedogenic Rating 1

Black Raspberry Seed Oil us perfect for deflecting free radicals to keep the skin smooth, plump and to maintain elasticity. best suited for sensitive & acne prone skin.


Black Current Seed Oil- Non Comedogenic Rating 0

Black Current Seed Oil is perfect for damaged skin and is a super healer. Suitable for all skin types.


Black Cumin Seed Oil - Comedogenic Rating 2

Black Cumin Seed Oil an anti ageing oil perfect for treating and preventing fine lines & scarring also high in anti-oxidants making it especially good for eczema and psoriasis.


Baobab Seed Oil Comedogenic Rating 2

Baobab Seed Oil comes from the baobab tree known as the "The Tree of Life" and it is the perfect oil for dry skin, its hydrating, calming and supports the elasticity of the skin.


Babassu Oil - Comedogenic Rating 1

This multi use oil is perfect for calming conditions like eczema, acne, psoriasis & rosacea, Babassu Oil is light and hydrating and perfect for most skin types apart from oily skin.


Cherry Kernel Oil - Comedogenic Rating 3

This light oil is perfect for reducing inflammation and helping heal redness and irritation.


Chia Seed Oil (White Chia Seed Oil) - Comedogenic Rating 2

Chia Seed Oil is rich in omega-3 making it hydrating and anti ageing


Chardonnay Grape Seed Oil - Comedogenic Rating 1

Chardonnay Grape Seed Oil is perfect for acne prone skin, it's light weight and full of antioxidants allowing it to heal damaged skin cells and prevent breakouts.


Carrot Seed Oil - Comedogenic Rating 3

Carrot Seed Oil has many benefits due to it's high oleic acid content, it will greatly improve your skins elasticity, tone and overall appearance along with calming any irritation and reducing ageing.


Camellia Oleifera (Green Tea Seed Oil) - Comedogenic Rating 2

Camellia Oleifera otherwise known as Green Tea Seed Oil is perfect for anyone who suffers from acne due to its antibacterial properties, it's also hydrating, calming and perfect for anti ageing as it tightens and improves the skins texture.


Camelina Oil (False Flax) - Comedogenic Rating 3

Rich in Omega-3 Camelina Oil is a super anti agent its known for it's ability to repair damage to your skins barrier and for it's ability to reduce fine lines. Suitable for dry dehydrated skin.


Calendula Oil - Comedogenic Rating 1

Calendula Oil is known as a healing oil it's perfect for reducing inflammation, redness, hyperpigmentation and it soothes dry irritated skin.


Cacay Oil - Comedogenic Rating 1

Rich in retinol and vitamin E this oil is perfect for someone with oily skin, it restores elasticity, improves hyperpigmentation and can also heal blemishes and reduce scarring.


Cocoa Butter - Comedogenic Rating 4

Cocoa butter is rich in nutrients improving blood flow, hydrating and slowing down the skins ageing process by protecting your skin from UV rays. Not suitable if you are prone to breakouts.


Chokeberry Seed Oil - Comedogenic Rating 2

Chokeberry Seed Oil is fast absorbing and will soften and hydrate your skin. Perfect for oily and sensitive skin.


Coconut Butter - Comedogenic Rating 4

Coconut Butter is amazing if you have dry skin its very hydrating and promotes elasticity along with fighting free radicals to help maintain a youthful complexion. Suitable for all skin types - Caution if acne prone


Coconut Oil - Comedogenic Rating 4

Similar to Coconut Butter it is going to promote elasticity and be very hydrating and fight free radicals however coconut oil is heavy but perfect for a glowing complexion and for having soft, smooth skin.


Cloudberry Seed Oil - Comedogenic Rating 1

Cloudberry Seed Oil has a lot of nutrients in it making it perfect if you want natural healthy glow'y skin and its also going to prevent your dead skin cells from sticking together preventing acne and breakouts and its proven to reduce wrinkles. Suitable for acne prone and oily skin.


Cucumber Seed Oil - Comedogenic Rating 1

Cucumber Seed oil is perfect for nourishing the skin, it's also full of phytosterols that are proven to strengthen the skins barrier to maintain moisture and soften the skin as well as slowing ageing.


Cotton Seed Oil - Comedogenic Rating 3

Cotton Seed Oil isn't commonly used in skincare however it's known for it's healing properties due to the high levels of vitamin E.


Cranberry Seed Oil - Comedogenic Rating 2

Cranberry Seed Oil is perfect for dry, damaged skin it's really hydrating and locks moisture into the skins barrier it's full of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids making it perfect for reducing inflammation and calming any irritation.


Cupuacu Butter - Comedogenic Rating 4

Cupuacu Butter is perfect for hydrating it's anti inflammatory and can hold 240% it's on weight making it amazing at healing and plumping the skin, high likely hood of breaking out but perfect for the body.


Date Seed Oil - Comedogenic Rating 3

Powerful UVB protectant that is highly absorbent, hydrating and gentle to reduce redness and irritation. 


Dill Weed Oil - Comedogenic Rating 2

Dill Weed Oil when used is used as an anti ageing oil to improve the elasticity and appearance to the skin.


Evening Primrose Oil - Comedogenic Rating 2

Evening Primrose Oil is perfect for anyone prone to acne when used it reduces inflammation, redness and improves the cellular structure of our skin and if taken internally its perfect for balances hormones.


Elderberry Seed Oil - Comedogenic Rating 1

Rich in anti-oxidants perfect for inflammation, softening and improving elasticity.


Emu Oil - Comedogenic Rating 1

Emu Oil is recognised by our skin due to the amounts of fatty acids this allows it to carry ingredients deep into the dermal layer to hydrate and reduce redness and irritation.


Fractionated Coconut Oil  - Comedogenic Rating 2

Used in body products, hydrating, perfect for dry skin.


Grapefruit Seed Oil - Comedogenic Rating 2

Grapefruit Seed Oil is lightweight and known for it's regenerative properties so it's perfect for damaged skin.


Grape Seed Oil - Comedogenic Rating 1

Grape Seed Oil is lightweight and rich in vitamin E, perfect for reducing irritation, redness, hydrating and accelerating the healing process of acne.


Goji Seed Oil (Goji Berry Oil & Wolf Berry Seed Oil) - Non Comedogenic Rating 0

Commonly used in anti ageing products its lightweight and used for its firming abilities, perfect for around the eyes.


Green Coffee Oil - Comedogenic Rating 2

Rich in Phytosterols Green Coffee Oil enhances the repairing of skin cells and the restoring of the skins elasticity.


Guava Seed Oil - Comedogenic Rating 2

Guava Seed Oil has many benefits from reducing the skins pores appearance, tightening, hydrating and reducing the appearance of scarring/ stretch marks.


Hemp Seed Oil - Comedogenic Rating 0

Hemp Seed Oil is known as the "Holy Grail Oil" it's perfect for oily skin its benefits include being hydrating, softening, balancing and it will reduce redness and irritation.


Hazelnut Oil - Comedogenic Rating 1

Commonly referred to as the "pore reducing oil" rich in anti oxidants it kills bacteria helping prevent acne and black heads along with being hydrating it's also going to tighten the area, perfect for sensitive skin.


Jojoba Oil - Comedogenic Rating 2

Jojoba Oil is one of the most popular and commonly known about oils its referred to as the "Holy grail of Acne" this is because Jojoba Oil mimics the sebum our skin produces, its going to be lightweight, hydrating and will balance your sebum production. Perfect for Oily and Acne Prone skin types (Possibility to purge for the first few weeks)


Kukui Nut Oil - Comedogenic Rating 2

Popular in Massage oils Kukui Nut Oil revitalize's tired skin cells by nourishing and hydrating them, perfect for dry skin.


Kiwi Seed Oil - Comedogenic Rating 1

If you suffer from dry skin then Kiwi Seed Oil is your savour it's high alpha liniliec content allows it to hydrate deep into the follicle along with assisting to remove dead skin cells and revitalize new skin cells.


Karanja Oil - Comedogenic Rating 2

Karanja Oil is a natural antiseptic and will heal and prevent breakouts similar to Neem Oil.


Lanolin Oil - Comedogenic Rating 2 

Extracted from the wax found in sheep's wool Lanolin Oil is perfect for very dry skin because of it's ability to hold 50% of it's weight in water allowing it to be super hydrating.


Linseed Oil (Flax Oil) - Comedogenic Rating 4

Full of essential fatty acids and rich in omega-3, minerals, vitamins and lignans this oil is great for nourishing and hydrating the skin.


Macadamia Nut Oil - Comedogenic Rating 2

Macadamia Nut Oil easily absorbs into the skin so when mixed with other oils it provides them the perfect route to penetrate deep into the skin.


Mango Seed Oil - Comedogenic Rating 2

Mango Seed Oil is lightweight and perfect for dry skin its hydrating and will reduce redness and inflammation. 


Mango Butter - Comedogenic Rating 2

Perfect for dry skin it hydrates and nourishes helping treat eczema, burns, insect bites, rashes and stretch marks.


Marula Oil - Comedogenic Rating 3

Marula Oil is lightweight and fast absorbing allowing it to penetrate deep and reverse sun damage and reduce signs of ageing because of its powerful antioxidants. 


Maracuja Oil (Passion Fruit Seed Oil) - Comedogenic rating 1

Derived from Passion fruit seed this oil is used to calm and hydrate any irritated skin.


Mink Oil - Comedogenic Rating 3

Mink Oil is perfect if you have dry skin, it's going to lock in moisture and dissolve any excess sebum.


Milk Thistle Seed Oil - Comedogenic Rating 1

Similar to Sunflower Oil its going to nourish and protect the skin from general damage.


Meadow Seed Oil - Comedogenic Rating  1

Similar to Jojoba Oil it has the ability to break down blackheads and dead skin cells allowing your pores to remain clear.


Neem Oil - Comedogenic Rating 1

Neem Oil is perfect for any one prone to acne it's a heavy oil thats rich in anti-bacterial properties and it is going to reduce redness, irritation and inflammation.


Olive Oil - Comedogenic Rating 2

Rich in anti-oxidants and squalene your skin recognises this oil and allows it to penetrate easier and its perfect for reducing inflammation and hydrating.


Oat Oil - Comedogenic Rating 1

Oat Oil is perfect for anyone with irritated skin its going to nourish, reduce redness and irritation, perfect for sensitive skin.


Palm Kernel Oil - Comedogenic Rating 4

Palm Kernel Oil is deeply hydrating and softening and it's perfect for really dry skin.


Papaya Seed Oil - Comedogenic Rating 2

Papaya Seed Oil is a strong anti-oxidant and is known to reduce fine lines, improve the skins elasticity, brighten, even the skins tone and shrink the pores size and appearance.


Peach Kernal Oil - Comedogenic Rating 2

This light oil is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin, it's rich in vitamin E making it perfect for hydrating and improving the skins elasticity.


Peanut Oil (Groundnut Oil) - Comedogenic Rating 2

Peanut Oil is lightweight, gentle and great for hydration.


Poppy Seed Oil - Non Comedogenic Rating 0

This light weight oil is perfect for controlling sebum production, suitable for all skin types and easily absorbs into the skin.


Prickly Pear Seed Oil (Barbary Fig Oil) - Comedogenic Rating 1

Prickly Pear Seed Oil has many benefits, reducing your pores, hydrating, increasing elasticity and brightening. Suitable for all skin types.


Pumpkin Seed Oil - Comedogenic Rating 2

Pumpkin Oil is rich in zinc and selenium making it the perfect acne fighter, hydrating, firming and anti bacterial. Suitable for all skin types.


Pecan Oil - Comedogenic Rating 2

Pecan Oil is commonly used as a carrier oil to help other ingredients penetrate deeper into the follicle for higher performance.


Plum Kernal Oil - Comedogenic Rating 1

Highly Moisturising and light weight this oil is perfect for all skin types and as well as being hydrating it promotes the skins elasticity and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.


Pequi Oil - Comedogenic Rating 3

Pequi Oil is the perfect solution to eczema and dry damaged and cracked skin, Pequi Oil can also reduce scarring however its not recommended if you have oily skin.


Pomegranate Oil - Comedogenic Rating 1

Pact with omega-5 Pomegranate Oil is perfect for hydrating, nourishing and encouraging new cell production.


Perilla Oil (Wild Basil Oil) - Comedogenic Rating 1

Perilla Oil is commonly used to minimize pores, hydrate and control sebum production.


Pine Nut Oil - Comedogenic Rating 2

If you suffer from irritated skin then Pine Nut Oil is perfect it's easy to warm so when used promotes healthy blood circulation and it's commonly used in therapy and massages because of its healing properties.


Red Palm Oil - Comedogenic Rating 4

Red Palm Oil is perfect for healing and reducing any scarring or stretch marks.


Red Raspberry Seed Oil - Non Comedogenic Rating 0

Pact with a natural SPF 28 this oil is perfect for when you'r out in the sun its also highly anti bacterial  and hydrating.


Rice Bran Oil - Comedogenic Rating 2

Rice Bran Oil is perfect if you have sensitive skin it's pact with a natural UV protector and is commonly used in sun protective products.


Rosehip Oil - Comedogenic Rating 1

Rosehip Oil is an essential if you suffer from acne it's rich in anti-oxidants along with having the ability to reverse hyperpigmentation and heal sun damage, stretch marks and scarring.


Sacha Inchi Oil - Non Comedogenic Rating 0

Rich in anti-oxidants making it perfect for irritated skin, its also beneficial for healing and restoring the skin after damage.


Safflower Oil - Non Comedogenic Rating 0

Safflower Oil is extremely hydrating and rich in linoleic acid allowing it to easily breakdown blackheads.


Sandalwood Seed Oil (Sandalwood Nut Oil) - Comedogenic Rating 2

Sandalwood Seed Oil is rich in an anti-inflammatory agent called ximenynic acid making it amazing at healing cuts, burns, acne, bruises and sores.


Sapote Oil (Mamey Oil) - Comedogenic Rating 2

Perfect for cold weather Sapote Oil locks in moisture to keep your skin hydrated and is commonly used for hair growth.


Sea Buckthorn Oil - Comedogenic Rating 1

Sea Buckthorn Oil is rich in omega-3-6 so it's able to penetrate deeply into the skins lipid layer allowing it to be really effective, its commonly used to reduce redness, regenerate cells and to naturally protect your skin from the sun.


Sesame Oil - Comedogenic Rating 3

Rich in anti-bacterial properties Sesame Oil is perfect for killing acne bacteria and healing any damage


Shea Butter - Comedogenic Rating 1

Shea Butter is really heavy but is amazing at soothing and softening the skin so its perfect for really dry patches.


Shea Nut Oil  - Comedogenic Rating 1

Perfect solution for really dry skin, Shea Nut Oil will lock in moisture and create a barrier to prevent damage to your skin.


Sweet Almond Oil - Comedogenic Rating 2

Sweet Almond Oil is perfect if you have dry acne prone skin, it's able to penetrate dead skin cells to allow other products to penetrate easier and its got the ability to regenerate skin cells.  


Soybean Oil - Comedogenic Rating 4 

Rich in vitamin E, Soybean Oil acts as a natural SPF protecting your skin from UV and Blue light.


Squalene - Non Comedogenic Rating 0

Squalene is naturally found within our skin and is in our sebum so as we age it dies out and thats partially why you don't breakout as much, Squalene however is essential to keeping your skin hydrated because its rich in omega-2. Squalene is naturally derived from olives and is essential to regulating our sebum production its also 10% of our skins lipid. (Your lipid is part of your natural barrier and is essential to keeping your skin healthy) 


Strawberry Seed Oil - Comedogenic Rating 1

Perfect for sensitive and acne prone skin, Strawberry Seed Oil is highly hydrating, soothing and will improve the skins elasticity.


Sunflower Seed Oil - Comedogenic Rating 1

Sunflower Seed Oil is commonly used to help keep your skin hydrated and balanced.


Walnut Oil - Comedogenic Rating 1

 Walnut oil is highly anti-bacterial and is perfect for reducing redness, irritation and can also be beneficial for killing acne bacteria and fungal infections.


Tamanu Oil - Comedogenic Rating 2

Tamanu Oil is perfect for fading and healing any scarring especially from acne.


Tomato Seed Oil - Comedogenic Rating 2

Rich in vitamin E and carotenoid this oil is perfect for reducing acne and wrinkles.   

Watermelon Seed Oil - Non Comedogenic Rating 0 

Watermelon Seed Oil is amazing at dissolving blackheads and sebum making it perfect for oily or acne prone skin and its also going to restore elasticity.


Wheat Germ Oil - Comedogenic Rating 5

Extremely rich in vitamin E this oil is perfect for clearing scarring however it will most likely break you out so is recommended to be used only on the body.



What skin types are they suitable for?

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